My Favorite Deli- Lunch Menu

All of your favorite breakfast items, served fresh all day, starting at 7:00 a.m.

My Favorite

All sandwiches served with choice of bread: Whole wheat, white, rye, marble, pumpernickel or Kaiser roll.
Pita add $1.95 · Croissant add $2.50 · Pretzel Roll add $2.75 · Ciabatta Roll add $2.50 · Wrap add $1.00

Turkey Lite$11.25

Turkey, lacey swiss, lettuce, tomato and sprouts served on whole wheat toast.

Ham and Cheese$10.75

Turkey and Cheese$10.75

Roast beef and cheese$12.25

Items below served with Lettuce, tomato and onion on bread of choice

Black Russian$12.50

Roast beef, swiss, cole slaw and russian dressing on pumpernickel.

White Russian$12.25

Turkey, swiss, cole slaw and russian dressing on rye

Deli Club$12.50

Turkey, bacon, muenster cheese, lettuce and tomato on bread of choice.


Traditional bacon, lettuce and tomato on bread of choice, served with mayo.

Pita Delight$12.75

Tuna salad, cheddar, bacon and lettuce on a toasted pita.

Corned Beef Special$12.50

Corned beef, swiss, cole slaw and russian dressing on rye.

My Favorite Subs

Try one of our favorite subs prepared your way.
Sizes: 8″ or 12″

Cold Sub Sizes8″ or 12″

  • The Italian Way$13.25 $15.75

Capicola ham, genoa salami, black pepper ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato and onions with seasoned oil and vinegar.

  • Ham and Cheese $12.75 $14.25
  • Turkey & Cheese$12.75 $14.25
  • Roast Beef & Cheese$13.25 $15.75
  • Tuna and Cheese$13.75  $16.45

Grilled Sub Sizes8″ or 12″

Items below served with lettuce, tomato, onion & seasoned oil

  • Ham and Cheese $12.95 $14.75
  • Turkey & Cheese$12.95 $14.75
  • Roast Beef & Cheese$13.50 $16.25
  • Tuna Boat$13.50 $16.25
  • Turkey, Swiss and Bacon$13.50 $16.25
  • Genoa Salami & Provolone$12.25 $15.75
  • Cheeseburger Sub$12.75 $16.95
  • Italian Boat$13.75  $16.75

Capicola ham, genoa salami, black pepper ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato and onions with seasoned oil and vinegar.

  • Baltimore Pastrami $12.75 $14.95

Grilled pastrami, melted provolone, lettuce and tomato

  • Special Steak$12.25 $16.95

Grilled beef steak with melted white American cheese, fried onions, lettuce, tomato and seasoned oil.

  • Chicken Steak$12.25 $16.95

Grilled chicken steak with white American cheese, fried onions, lettuce, tomato and seasoned oil.


Add grilled chicken to any salad for $3.50

  • Garden Salad$11.50

Mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, sprouts and a cherry tomato

  • Chef Salad$13.75

Mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, sprouts and a cherry tomato, cucumbers, egg wedge, rolled ham and swiss, and rolled turkey and american cheese

  • Spinach Salad$13.25

Spinach Leaves, red onion, crumbled bacon, sliced egg, sliced mushroom, served with out sween-n-sour dressing.

  • Greek Salad$14.25

Mixed greens, green peppers, black olives, tomato wedges, red onions, feta cheese served with greek salad dressing

  • Caesar Salad$12.50

Romaine lettuce, creamy Caesar salad dressing, grated parmesan cheese, black pepper and garlic croutons

  • Cobb Salad$13.75

Romaine lettuce, turkey, sliced egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, crumbled bacon, served with honey mustard dressing.

My Favorite

Types of Wraps: Garlic, Whole Wheat, Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach.

The Club Wrap$12.25

Turkey, american, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayoat.

Southwest Wrap$11.75

Grilled turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions and southwest sauce.

Simply Roast Beef Wrap$12.25

Roast beef, lacey swiss, horseradish sauce and tomato.

Tuscan Wrap$12.75

Grilled chicken, tomato, fresh provolone, spinach, and pesto.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap$12.75

Spicy chicken pieces with lettuce and tomato smothered in your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

My Favorite Paninis

The “ORIGINAL” Ultimate Grilled

Muenster and cheddar cheese with sliced tomato and pesto.

California Turkey$13.75

Turkey, Muenster cheese, avocado, tomato, and ranch topped with local greens.

Buckin’ Bronco$14.25

Roast beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions and BBQ sauce.

The Veggie $13.75

Muenster, spinach, tomato, carrots, cucumbers, red onions and sprouts with our homemade dill sauce.

Turkey Grande Panini$12.50

Turkey, cheddar, spinach and marinated mushrooms.

Honey Bacon Club$14.25

Ham, swiss, turkey, bacon, tomato, red onion and honey mustard.

Vegetarian Options

Granny Smith Grilled Cheese$8.75

Muenster Cheese, Fresh sliced Granny Smith apples and honey mustard on whole wheat.

Spinach Avocado Grilled Cheese$9.75

Muenster, Cheddar, baby spinach and avocado on whole wheat.

Veggie Pocket$13.75

Stir-fry veggies piled high into a toasted pita, smothered in homemade dill sauce.

Deli Powerhouse$12.25

Avocado, swiss, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato and sprouts on pumpernickel.

Garden Favorite$12.25

Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers, sprouts and russian dressing on rye.

Harvest Veggie Wrap$12.50

Lettuce, tomato, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, red onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, feta cheese and Greek dressing.

Vegetarian Club$10.50

Muenster, cheddar, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, tomato and sprouts on white or wheat.

Vegetarian Sub8″-$12.50 12″-$14.95

Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers and sprouts with seasoned oil.

My Favorite
Grilled Sandwiches

Our one of a kind grilled sandwiches made however you’d like.


Grilled corned beef and swiss topped with sauerkraut and homemade russian Dressing on rye.

Raging bull$10.25

Grilled roast beef and jack cheese topped with our homemade bull sauce on a kaiser.

Sunrise Burger$12.50

Angus burger with pepper jack, sauteed onions, Canadian bacon, hit with sriracha sauce and topped with a fried egg on a toasted onion on a brioche roll.

Tzatiki Burger$12.75

Angus Burger with romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, tzatkiki sauce and feta on a tosted kaiser.

Jersey Beef$11.25

Grilled roast beef and cheddar, fried onions and deli mustard on marble.

Ham on Turkey Pretzelwich$10.25

Your choice of ham or turkey grilled with American cheese, lettuce and honey mustard on a pretzel roll.

Smoked Turkey Melt$12.25

Grilled smoked turkey, muenster cheese and steamed broccoli on a whole wheat pita.

The Stinger$9.75

Grilled pastrami and cheddar cheese topped with champagne mustard on pumpernickel.


Meat, sauce, tomato and onion on a pita fold.

Deli Salads

Sold per pound, on a bed of lettuce or as a sandwich

  • Chicken Salad$11.25

Chunks of chicken breast seasoned with celery, almonds, scallions and grapes

  • Tuna Salad$11.25

Tasty tuna combined with celery and onions

  • Scrumptious Shrimp SaladMarket

Generous pieces of shrimp, celery, and a touch of onion combined with our special dressing

  • Egg Salad$8.75

Homemade egg salad topped with lettuce on bread of choice

  • Egg and Olive Salad$9.50

Homemade omemade egg and olive salad topped with lettuce on bread of choice

My Favorite Hotdogs

  • Hot Dog$4.75
  • Hot Dog with Sauerkraut$5.50
  • Hot Dog with Cheese$5.75
  • Hot Dog with Cheese & Bacon$7.75

Kids Menu

  • Grilled Cheese $5.95
  • Hot Dog$4.75
  • PB & J$5.95
  • 1/2 Ham or Turkey and Cheese Sandwich$5.50


  • 9Fountain Drinks16oz $2.95 or 32oz $4.50
  • Home Brewed Tea16oz $2.95 or 32oz $4.50
  • Bottled Drinks$2.95
  • Coffee$2.95
  • Hot Tea$2.95
  • Milk(Glass)$4.75