My Favorite Deli- Breakfast Menu

All of your favorite breakfast items, served fresh all day, starting at 7:00 a.m.

My Favorite Omlets

Served with Coffee, Home Fries and choice of Toast or english muffin. Add side of Bacon, Sausage, or Ham for $4.50

Steak, Onions, Mushrooms &

Greek Omelet$15.95

Feta cheese, Black olives, Green Peppers and Red Onions.

Green Peppers, Scallions,
Tomatoes & Provolone$14.95

Sausage, Egg and Cheese$14.95

Bacon, Tomatoes and Provolone$15.25

Ham and Cheese$15.25


Ham, Onions, Peppers & lots of Cheddar Cheese

Loaded Cheese$13.95


Canadian Bacon & Smokey Cheddar$14.95


My Favorite Breakfast combos

Served with Coffee, Choice of Meat: Bacon, Sausage or Canadian Bacon. Bottled Drink – Add $3.00

The Ultimate Breakfast$14.95

Two eggs, two pieces of French Toast, Home Fries & Choice of meat.

Keep it Simple$11.50

Two Scrambled eggs, Choice of Meat & Toast

Just Toasty$11.95

Three Pieces of French Toast & choice of Meat.

Sunshine Breakfast$15.25

Three eggs, Home Fries, Toast and choice of Meat.

My Favorite Breakfast combos

All Scramblers come with Coffee, a side of Home Fries and your choice of Toast or an English Muffin. Add a side of Bacon, Sausage or Ham for $3.00

The Simple Scrambler$13.75

Scrambled Eggs and Cheese

Mexican Scrambler$15.25

Salsa, Scallions, and Jumping Jack Cheese.

Canadian Bacon Scrambler$15.25

Canadian Bacon, Onion and Swiss

Veggie Scrambler$15.75

Broccoli, Cauiflower, Carrots, Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes and Scallions with Muenster Cheese.

Steak Scrambler$16.95

Steak, Provolone, Mushrooms and Tomatoes.

Breakfast Sandwhiches

Served with coffee and served on your choice of bread or english muffin, croissant, pretzel roll or bagel – Add $1.95

Bacon, Egg and Cheese$7.95

Sausage, Egg and Cheese$7.95

Egg and Cheese$7.25

Ham, Egg and Cheese$7.95

Canadian Bacon, Egg and Cheese$8.75


  • Bacon$4.50
  • Home Fries$6.75
  • Ham or Canadian Bacon$6.25
  • Sausage$4.95
  • French Toast$7.25
  • Toast$2.75
  • English Muffin$2.75

Other Goodies

  • Toasted Bagel (add $1.30 for cream cheese)$3.95
  • Croissant$3.25


  • Fountain Drinks16oz $2.95 or 32oz $4.50
  • Home Brewed Tea16oz $2.95 or 32oz $4.50
  • Bottled Drinks $2.95
  • Coffee $2.95
  • Hot Tea $2.95
  • Milk (Glass)$4.75
  • Chocolate Milk$4.95